Systematic Financial Management Increases Position in LSI Industries (LYTS)

Fintel reports that Systematic Financial Management
has filed a 13G form
with the SEC disclosing ownership of
shares of LSI Industries, Inc. (LYTS).

This represents 7.77{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} of the company.

In their previous filing dated February 10, 2022
they reported 2.04MM shares and 7.68{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} of the company,
an increase in shares of 5.59{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}
an increase in total ownership of
(calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

Analyst Price Forecast Suggests 32.62{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} Upside

As of February 12, 2023,
the average one-year price target for LSI Industries is $18.70.
The forecasts range from a low of $16.16 to a high of $21.00.
The average price target represents an increase of 32.62{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} from its latest reported closing price of $14.10.

The projected annual revenue for LSI Industries
is $499MM, an increase of 1.09{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The projected annual EPS
is $0.84, an increase of 8.37{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

What is the Fund Sentiment?

There are 161 funds or institutions reporting positions in LSI Industries.

This is an increase
owner(s) or 3.87{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} in the last quarter.

Average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to LYTS is 0.22{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996},
an increase
of 22.17{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

Total shares owned by institutions increased
in the last three months by 3.42{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} to 21,885K shares.

The put/call ratio of LYTS is 0.25, indicating a


What are large shareholders doing?

LYTS / LSI Industries, Inc. Ownership

WealthTrust Axiom
holds 1,029K shares

representing 3.78{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 1,022K shares, representing
an increase
of 0.76{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in LYTS by 46.78{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} over the last quarter.

Archon Capital Management
holds 899K shares

representing 3.31{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 884K shares, representing
an increase
of 1.74{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in LYTS by 1.51{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} over the last quarter.

Royce & Associates
holds 868K shares

representing 3.19{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 968K shares, representing
a decrease
of 11.53{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in LYTS by 31.90{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} over the last quarter.

Renaissance Technologies
holds 847K shares

representing 3.11{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 924K shares, representing
a decrease
of 9.02{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in LYTS by 36.63{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} over the last quarter.

Kennedy Capital Management
holds 807K shares

representing 2.96{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} ownership of the company.

In it’s prior filing, the firm reported owning 808K shares, representing
a decrease
of 0.19{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

The firm


its portfolio allocation in LYTS by 30.67{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} over the last quarter.

LSI Industries Declares $0.05 Dividend

On January 26, 2023 the company declared a regular
quarterly dividend
of $0.05 per share ($0.20 annualized).
Shareholders of record as of February 3, 2023
will receive the payment on February 14, 2023.
Previously, the company paid $0.05 per share.

At the current share price of $14.10 / share,
the stock’s dividend yield is 1.42{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.

Looking back five years and taking a sample every week, the average dividend yield has been
the lowest has been 1.41{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996},
and the highest has been 7.69{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}.
The standard deviation of yields is 1.29 (n=237).

The current dividend yield is
1.60 standard deviations

the historical average.

Additionally, the company’s dividend payout ratio is 0.25.
The payout ratio tells us how much of a company’s income is paid out in dividends. A payout ratio of one (1.0)
means 100{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} of the company’s income is paid in a dividend.
A payout ratio greater than one means the company is dipping into savings in order to maintain its dividend – not a
healthy situation.
Companies with few growth prospects are expected to pay out most of their income in dividends, which typically
means a payout ratio between 0.5 and 1.0.
Companies with good growth prospects are expected to retain some earnings in order to invest
in those growth prospects, which translates to a payout ratio of zero to 0.5.

The company has not increased its dividend in the last three years.

LSI Industries Background Information
(This description is provided by the company.)

Headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati), LSI Industries is a leading producer of high-performance, American-made lighting solutions. The Company’s strength in outdoor lighting applications creates opportunities for it to introduce additional solutions to its valued customers. LSI’s indoor and outdoor products and services, including its digital and print graphics capabilities, are valued by architects, engineers, distributors and contractors for their quality, reliability and innovation. The Company’s products are used extensively in automotive dealerships, petroleum stations, quick service restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies, retail establishments, sports complexes, parking lots and garages, and commercial and industrial buildings. LSI has approximately 1,100 employees at seven manufacturing plants in the United States, including its corporate headquarters.

This story originally appeared on Fintel.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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