InfraSight and Grid Dynamics Bring New Observability to IT Financial Management

CHARLOTTE, N.C. & CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InfraSight Software Corporation (InfraSight) and GRID Dynamics, Inc. (GRID) have agreed to integrate InfraSight’s Inframeter™ technology with GRID’s industry-leading Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.

Inframeter™, an IT Financial Observability Platform:

  • Works across Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud investments;
  • Measures disparate compute, graphics, networking, and storage resources;
  • Calculates Infrascore™, a metric that represents the collective cost of doing IT work;
  • Analyzes historical and current data to enhance IT forecasting, budgeting, and resource allocation;
  • Enables developers to extend its functionality through an open API.

“This partnership brings together complementary platforms to provide greater transparency and more effective IT budgeting and execution for enterprise-scale organizations,” says InfraSight Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Martin. “GRID’s value-add is exceptional, and with GRID, Inframeter is now available in new markets, including Canada.”

EPM Simplification and Operating Leverage

GRID’s portfolio of FP&A and EPM solutions enable finance professionals to simplify corporate planning and budgeting through browser- and Microsoft Excel-based interfaces while leveraging AI and advanced analytics. GRID’s approach focuses on establishing functional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and integrating datasets to build a comprehensive single-source-of-truth for financial and operating data.

For customers, the integration of Inframeter™ and GRID’s technology solutions:

  • Facilitates in-depth visibility and analysis of IT infrastructure consumption costs for CTOs and CIOs, while simplifying cost management for CFOs;
  • Helps decision-makers better rationalize expenses across disparate IT investments;
  • Integrates FinOps budgeting and planning with other traditional financial management practices available with broad-scope EPM solutions.

“By layering in detailed on-premise and cloud consumption statistics with financial data, this solution gives customers new insights they have been desperately seeking,” says Rick Clazie, Managing Director of GRID Dynamics.

“For many enterprises, infrastructure cost management is a highly reactive process with adjustments made only after costs have been incurred, often with huge overages,” Clazie says. “Now we can help customers proactively understand how and where utilization affects expense.”

GRID has Certified Inframeter™ Professionals on staff and is deploying the integrated solution for clients. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.

InfraSight Software Corporation

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, InfraSight is the developer of Inframeter™, an IT Financial Observability Platform. Inframeter™ facilitates visibility into IT workload costs and provides enterprise leadership with information they can trust to make financial decisions with confidence. The Inframeter™ platform includes an intuitive executive dashboard and an open API for developers to extend its functionality and produce actionable business outcomes.


GRID Dynamics, Inc.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, GRID Dynamics was founded in 2005 and creates tailored Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for all sizes of organizations. GRID helps organizations gain critical insights into their organizational performance, by designing and mapping KPIs to business objectives, streamlining and facilitating access to critical operating data, and facilitating planning scenarios.


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