“A New Perspective on Investing in Financial Markets”, an interview with Kardanian, a Leading Middle East Trader

Mahan Teymouri

Mahan Teymouri

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During the 8 years of my experience in financial markets like Stock, Forex and cryptocurrency, according to the observations, statistics and existing data, I get that most people (about 90{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996}) have been caused so many damages to their initial funds by entering these markets. They have not even earned money but also lost it.

I investigate 440 people, who have been in the markets more than 2 years. They indicated that they get no money and have not a little increase in their funds. But what is the reason of such a failure?

1- Lack of knowledge (not knowing yourself or markets)

Unfortunately, most people trading in the different markets have no idea about their mental and physical situations or even don’t know what works in these days. Unlike the public assumptions, interest and attempt is not enough to be successful in the markets. These are just the basics, there are much more things to know that I just name some the most important ones:

  • Being patient: There is no way to get rich in one night. Markets act like a swamp for those who are not patient. It gets hours, months and years to reach the point that you start making continuous profits.

  • Having enough time: Trading is not a part-time job. You need to spend several hours a day, especially in the beginning, for studying, learning and monitoring the charts in order to identify investing opportunities. If you don’t have much time, it’s better to avoid the markets.

  • Being disciplined: Act like a robot. Don’t get emotional and freaky. If you behave like a robot which has organized mind(programs), no feelings, you’ll be surely successful. Otherwise, you’ll fail with no doubt.

  • Knowing markets in depth: Markets differs in rules and the types of activities. Each market has its own way and identity and it’s necessary to know it in depth ahead. This helps you to get whether your intended market fits your situation and personality or not. For instance, ask yourself if your ideal market is the one in which you can have daily and short-term trades or middle/long-term trades. You can also think of what kind of analysis is needed to be used in this market. Do you know it by heart? Does the working hours of that market match the hours of your country? And etc. These questions cause you to make the best decisions.

2- Letting feelings take control of you

As the researches show, most people give in to their emotions and excitements. Because they don’t want to stay behind, they start trading without any knowledge or experience. This causes them hard failures and losses.

Why think of studying and compensating while you can do it sooner and avoid losses?

3- Wrong information

I told you about the risks of getting into the markets without any knowledge. But you know what is the worse? Being part of the market while you’ve got wrong information. Sometimes people have trained ahead but the things they’ve learned is not correct or enough due to lack of accurate information sources. Many people who work in the field of financial market training, are not qualified and their wrong teachings lead people to a wrong way.

According to my research on 440 traders, this 2nd group suffers more losses than the ones who know nothings about the markets. The first group do what the specialized tell them but the second group act by their incorrect information.

4- Lack of a clear trading plan

More than 90{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} of the financial markets’ participants don’t have a clear trading plan and it leads them to failures. Having no clear trading plan and strategies will end to irrational behaviors.

These people are doomed to failure due to lack of rules, orders, disciplines and strategies.

I always urge my students to have a written trading plan and check it carefully before entering into any trade. It’s a big help to write down the strategy you have in mind.

5- Lack of attention to trading risks

The most important difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful usually weight the risks of the trade they want to enter, so they avoid emotional and irrational behaviors and also the risky trades with high levels.

On the contrary, the amateurs just think of the profits and as a result, the risk of the trades increases. These people even the best analyzer of them will eventually lose their profits in several small loss-making trades with high risk.

6- Eccentric expectations

Trading is hard and stressful and needs high consideration. Having eccentric expectations will add to this stress and make you distracted. When the markets do not meet your expectations, your attentions will fly away and there is no end to the loop of mistakes.

The path of success is slow and continuous and there is no shortcut. When you get this, your mind will settle down, expectations will fade away and instead focus and work efficiency increase.

7- Addiction to trading

Many traders are involving in a problem called overtrade. They get used to trading again and again with no stop. As a result, they lost their logic and mind orders. Finally, because of low mind efficiency and lack of discipline, they lost so much money.

Their main problem is not being able to filter the trades. They see a chance and rush into it without considering the risks. Most of the times, these traders don’t get successful in spite of their efforts and the number of the trades they do.

These are just some of the reasons why people are not successful in financial markets but also the most important ones that are almost common among all those who have experienced many failures in the markets.

According to what said, I can say on contrary to popular belief in the simplicity of working in financial markets, working in these markets requires precise knowledge, sufficient time, patience and extensive training.

I believe that the philosophy of creating financial markets for real and small people is to make them lose. Their losses will bring profits to the big traders. This is also the main reason for your easy way to the financial markets and your access to a variety of credits and levers.

That’s why I recommend you to study this essay before stepping in the markets and investigate the nature of each. In the first months, use demos to practice until you get enough experienced and find yourself a real and written trade plan and strategy.

After that you’re ready to start trading. Try it with the 10{21df340e03e388cc75c411746d1a214f72c176b221768b7ada42b4d751988996} of your money, the one which will not cause big pain if lost. Examine your trading plan in real market for about 6 months. It is possible to experience many failures during this time but no matter. This is the expenses of getting experienced. For these six months, the purpose is not getting successful and earning money but is not to fail.

I promise if you hold on these 6 months and trade (while controlling your emotions and considering all possible risks) in order to keep the money (even if you earn not a dollar), you will definitely be one of the best traders in future. And after 5 years, you’ll be in a position that many dream of.

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